Mamata Banerjee Raising Minorities By Exploiting Hindus: BJP Leader


Kolkata: BJP leader Jay Banerjee has claimed that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is exploiting Hindus by giving privilege to the minority community.

As per source on Wednesday while giving his speech at a party meeting in Nalpur village of Sankeril assembly constituency of Howrah actor Jay Banerjee has commented this. He also added that following the footprints of Left-wing the current ruling party of the state TMC is also giving privilege to the minority community.

The allegations that the BJP leader has made against the TMC Supremo is not new. Earlier, opposition party has made this allegation several times. Even before TMC came into power in the state, allegation was raised against Mamata Banerjee then. Although BJP had no existence then.

“হিন্দুদের শোষন করে সংখ্যালঘু তোষণ করছেন মমতা”

The entire scenario changed after the year 2014 when BJP came to power in the Centre. The BJP leader thinks that Hindus are now more aware and awakening about earning their rights. He said, “Hindus are now awake, they are preventing. The BJP is being called as communal for standing beside them.” He also added that “The taxes that the Hindus of this country are paying, its means that the minority community is getting privilege through this whereas the Hindus are exploited.” He further says that as this trend is going on since a long time so the Hindus have been deprived of their rights. Hindus are struggling for their glory in different places. Jay Banerjee complaints that “BJP has to bears the communalism stamp for supporting Hindus in their fight.”