Left-Cong Alliance A Historic Blunder: Mamata


Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee overwhelmed by the massive mandate in her favour addressed a press conference in Kolkata today.

Attacking the Left-Congress alliance the CM said that it is nothing but a historic mistake. These parties are fighting in Kerala and shaking hands in Bengal, shows the double standard.

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Addressing media personnel she said, “I thank the people of Bengal for placing trust in me again. Despite terror and misinformation spread by the opposition, people stood by me and I knew this would happen.”

Lashing out at the EC and opposition again, Mamata said, “I witnessed unprecedented terror during the polls but people have replied well.”

“TMC fought alone and defeated the collective effort of Left and Congress. A smear campaign was launched against us for the last two years. Several canards were spread” She added.

“The people have been misinformed, terrorized. I am in politics for over 40 years and never saw such low. The Central forces crossed heir limit, harassed genuine voters.” Mamata said.

Harping on the development tune, the CM said that she will try her best to revamp the state’s dwindling economy.

“We will take oath on 27 May. A session of the Assembly will be called before 29 May. Our party will organise cultural functions from tomorrow till 30 May to thank the Maa, Mati, Manush” said Mamata.

Answering questions from journalists, Mamata rubbished Narada sting as a plot to defame her party hatched by a section of media. She also said that there is no question of aliening with BJP as there is idealistic differences between the two.

“We have ideological differences with BJP but we will always support on issues that are beneficial to the people. We will support GST“, Mamata said.

So far TMC had registered victory in 18 seats and is leading in 195 others, with a total collapse of Left-Congress alliance and a meager gain for BJP. The mandate has clearly wiped out opposition in the state and ruled massively in favour of Mamata.