Mamata Addresses Event at Furfura Sharif


Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee addressing an event convened by Muslim leader Toha Siddiqui at Furfura Sharif:


  • Unity is our strength. Divisiveness will spell doom for us: Mamata Banerjee concludes her speech at Furfura Sharif: CM
  • I have received a memorandum. I will continue to work for you all. Jai Hind. May God keep you safe and healthy: CM
  • Some people call their mother Ma, some call her Ammi. You cannot divide your mother. This is what Ramakrishna preached: MB
  • India achieved freedom after a lot of sacrifice. We believe in Sarva Dharma Samanyay: MB
  • Sometimes they are attacking Aamir. Sometimes they are asking Shahrukh to leave India. Why should they? They are also Indians:Mamata
  • Sometimes they are attacking Aamir. Sometimes they are asking Shahrukh to leave India. Why should they? They are also Indians: Mamata
  • An artist was stopped from singing in a concert in Mumbai. I was shocked. I invited him to Kolkata: MB
  • Even plants have life. Will you ask people to stop eating vegetables? You eat what you want. Let others eat what they want – Mamata
  • Some people wanted meat ban in Bengal during Durga Puja. I asked them will you ask a ban on fish? Don’t vegetables have
  • life? – Mamata
  • Who are they to dictate what meat a person can eat? – Mamata
  • Some sections spread a lot of canards against me. I do not care. I cannot divide my love based on religion: MB
  • Who are they to dictate what meat a person can eat? – MB
  • We do not support Dadri killing. It is my right to eat fish. You can eat whichever meat you want: Mamata Banerjee at Furfura Sharif
  • Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai. Apas mein rehna bhai bhai: MB
  • When I participate in Durga Puja, Chhat Puja or Kali Puja, nobody raises a question. I celebrate Eid as well as Christmas: MB
  • Everybody has a right to religion. You can practice your faith freely: MB
  • We have instituted a Chair after Iqbal at Aliah University. He penned “Saare Jahaan Se Achha” – MB
  • We have given second language status to Urdu. We have set up Urdu Academy: Mamata
  • We have built several hostels for students. We have built Minority Bhavan in 17 districts: MB
  • Polytechnic colleges and ITIs are coming up. We are setting up Karma Tirthas where the youth will get jobs: MB
  • We have given computers to madrassahs. We are ready to recognise unaided madrasas but we are unable to pay their salaries: Mamata
  • We have introduced reservation for OBCs and minorities without touching general category: Mamata
  • We have started Aliah University. Over 10000 people from Bengal went for Haj pilgrimage: Mamata
  • The Left distributed scholarships to 8 lakh minority students in last 4 years. We distributed scholarships to 84 lakh students: MB
  • We have increased budget for minority department five fold from Rs 470 Cr to Rs 2400 Cr: MB
  • They removed our MP from a committee on minorities despite the fact we have more MPs: MB
  • Few days ago a delegation of our MPs visited the Union Minister of Minority Affairs. They asked her to increase quota for scholarships: MB
  • We increased our revenue income from Rs 20000 Cr to Rs 40000 Cr. But Centre has been taking away our money: Mamata
  • CPM incurred huge debt. We are paying for their sins. Congress Govt did not help us. No help from BJP either: CM
  • We came to office in 2011. We did not get financial independence. Centre took away Rs 1 lakh Cr from our treasury in four years: Mamata
  • Furufra Sharif is a holy place and attracts a lot of devotees during Urs: CM
  • We have set up Furfura Sharif Development Authority. Similar development boards have been formed at Patharchapuri and Tarapith: mamata
  • We have initiated several schemes worth Rs 75 crore at Furfura Sharif: CM
  • I work for development of Dakkhinshwar as well as Furfura Sharif: Mamata
  • A lot of infrastructure development has happened at Patharchapuri. We have allotted money for a gateway at Furfura Sharif: CM
  • Bengal boasts of Dakkhineshwar, Belur, Mahesh, Bandel Church as well as Furfura Sharif and Patharchapuri: MB
  • I had started Dankuni-Furfura Sharif railway line: Mamata Banerjee
  • Singur is located in Hooghly. On 18 December, 2006 Tapasi Malik was murdered in Singur: MB
  • Today is Minority Rights Day. I am happy to be in Furfura Sharif on this day: MB
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