Mamata Accuses Opposition Over Panchayat Violence

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Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee strongly reacted on the recent Panchayat
violence in the state. She said that, “It is planned and a new model. With this,
marketing is being done. We want to stop this.”

Violence have been reported from various districts over the setting up of Panchayat
boards after the Supreme Court gave its nod in the ruling party’s favour. Somewhere
either the oppositions were attacked, whereas at other places, the TMC workers were
getting beaten. Some have lost lives too.

The BJP won Panchayat seats in Purulia, Jhargram, Bankura and West Midnapore. The
BJP is scheduled to set up boards in these places. But it was seen that the
violence were mostly reported from Jungle Mahal. Bombings were reported too. 2
people died in Purulia. The BJP has put the blame of TMC. The TMC has counter-
blamed the saffron party.

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On this, the CM said, “Not a single murder happened in the last 7 years. Weapons
are being imported. This is not healthy politics.”