Mamata Accuses BJP For Separate Statehood Movements


Dinhata : Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee today accused the BJP of inciting the separate statehood movements in Coochbehar district and Darjeeling sub- division in West Bengal for narrow political gains.

The two districts have witnessed for some years agitation for separate states. While it has been led by the Greater Coochbehar People’s association in Coochbehar, that in the Darjeeling subdivision is spearheaded by the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha.

“The BJP is trying to break Coochbehar and Darjeeling for narrow political gains. It always tries to fuel separate statehood movements in the state,” Banerjee told an election rally here.

Banerjee took the credit of settling the 68-year-old border enclave issue with Bangladesh.

“None of the previous state governments in Bengal could solve the enclave problem. But last year, I have solved the problem and ensured that people get their rights,” she said.

Bangladesh and India have exchanged 162 adversely-held enclaves on Aug 1, last year, ending one of the world’s most complex border disputes that had lingered for seven decades.

Banerjee also promised to carry forward the development work that has been started in the Coochbehar district.