Mama Dog Begs, Brings Food Back To Pups


Bangkok: Sometimes, on a sad and gloomy day, a nice story can lit up your mood. And we have one such story just for you.

We always preach, “A dog is man’s best friend”, but how about such a story in reality?

The story is about a dog in Thailand who begs for food from some passers-by. A kind person provides the hungry dog with a chicken leg. No he did not sit down and eat it.

The dog, with the chicken in its mouth, scurried away immediately. The camera operator also follows the pooch only to find out something which would bring a smile on our face.

What was discovered?

A litter of puppies!!! Awwwww so sweet right?

The video which has surfaces on the internet capturing one of those sweet moments is given below.. click to find out the sweet thing !