Mallya Breaks Silence To Lash Out At Govt & Sebi


New Delhi: Cornered beer baron Vijay Mallya on Thursday broke his silence to lash out at Sebi for barring him from the securities market over the alleged diversion of funds from United Spirits.

Mallya put up a brave face, in a series of tweets, calling the allegations on diverting funds related to the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines “a joke” and said he is getting used to witch hunts coming from all directions with no legal basis whatsoever.

CBI alleges diversion of funds out of Kingfisher Air. Sebi alleges diversion of funds from USL into Kingfisher Air. What joke is this?” Mallya tweeted. He further said: “Allegations of fund diversion out of USL are baseless. USL accounts were approved by top auditors, an eminent board of directors and shareholders.”

For 30 years I built the world’s largest spirits company and India’s largest brewing company. He also launched the finest Airline. This is what I get,” Mallya tweeted.