Malfunction Found In Tollygunje-Karunamoyee Bridge


Kolkata: A malfunction has been observed in the middle part of Tollygunje-Karunamoyee bridge on Saturday evening. Reportedly, the expansion joint of the bridge supposed to keep a gap between the two side which is not there.

Police is controlling traffic over the bridge. Traffic movement has been stopped in one side of the bridge. So a pressure continuing in the evening time.

Traffic movement has been restricted in all the routes of the road. The road has a massive use as the right side from the crossing goes to Behala and the Mahatma Gandhi Road connects Diamond Harbour Road.

After the collapse of Majerjat bridge, the road is being used rigorously as many roads have been prohibited from freight traffic movement and restricted for commercial vehicle too.

After such panic spread, locals are afraid of using the road. There are many families who resides in the area. The metro bridge which connects Kundghat and Tollygunje station.

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