Male Goat Gives Milk, Turns Celeb


Bhopal: In a bizarre incident a male goat turns into a celebrity in a Madhya Pradesh locality after it started giving milk. The two year old goat in Sendhwa is gaining ardent followers after a hormonal imbalance has rendered it capable of lactating.

The goat was purchased by Ziauddin Jindran — a welding shop owner – a few days ago on the eve of Baqrid for R21,000.

Enamoured by the unusual goat, he decided to purchase it and now describes it as ‘Kudrat ka karishma’ (miracle of nature). And true to its name, on the very first day of being purchased, the goat gave its new owner 150 grams of milk.

“We have named it Raja and it is very fond of dry fruits,” says Jindran, adding that curious onlookers have been visiting him to take a look at the ‘special’ goat and that many even take selfies with it.

Veterinary doctor, Dr RP Panchal says, “It is unusual for male mammals to produce milk but due to a possible hormonal disturbance, the goat has developed mammary glands and can produce milk.”

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