Maldives islands to be sold off


Male: The Maldives Government has issued a new law by which one can buy an island from among 1200 islands in the Maldives. An island would cost around 1 Billion Dollar. This is the first time that the Government has allowed the sale of Islands in the country.

The many questions have been raised over the issue. It is being suspected that China would be trying to establish an Army Base Camp in the island which may raise tension across the Indian ocean.

According to a Member of Opposition in the Maldives Parliament, the decision may make the Maldives an area of conflict among India and China. He said that one mustn’t forget about the cold war between India and China and it is the duty of the Maldives to maintain peace in the Indian Ocean region. According to him, the way in which China is making islands in the South China sea, it will also use the Maldives in the same manner.

The opposition has urged the government to take into consideration the opinion of the Maldives people in this regard although the Maldives government has assured that the decision won’t affect peace in the area, it has been undertaken to increase foreign investment in the country.