Malda Violence: Hindu Mahasabha to Protest Nation-Wide


Meerut: Hindu Mahasabha has threatened to launch a nation-wide protest if action is not taken against those inciting angry mobs. This comes after protests against self-professed Hindu Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari took a violent turn in West Bengal’s Malda and Bihar’s Purnia.

The outfit’s national president Swami Chakrapani, who was in the news recently for burning an old sedan that belonged to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, distanced the Mahasabha from Tiwari. He said the outfit had nothing to do with either Tiwari or his comments and that his statement was “condemnable”. He, however, added that nothing justifies violence.

“The communal violence that has erupted in West Bengal and Bihar is extremely worrying. Certain radical elements have shown utter disregard for the law. Some leaders in UP have even made announcements for a reward for anyone who beheads Kamlesh Tiwari. The statement by Tiwari is being used as an excuse to spread communal hatred across the country. I have even heard reports of ISIS flags being waved in Rajasthan. The concerned state governments need to take action against radical elements. If they do not clamp down on the violence by January 31, we will launch a nation-wide protest against the violence,” Chakrapani told PTI.

Distancing himself and the Mahasabha from Tiwari, Chakrapani said, “Kamlesh Tiwari was expelled from the Hindu Mahasabha in 2008. We strongly condemn the comments that he has made. His statement has pained me as much as any comment against Hindu gods or goddesses has. He is languishing in jail and rightly so. He has also been booked under the National Security Act (NSA). However, I do not endorse violence. This is not a response and it will not achieve anything.”