Malda Residents Panicked Over Excessive River Bank Erosion


Malda: The wearing away of river banks is the main concern for the citizens of Malda.

Newly built river bank of 100 m in length got weared away. Apart from this, from Sunday afternoon, the river banks at Ratua Mahananda Tola, Mahantola and Bilaimari
area have been eroding. Several farming lands also got weared away due to river
bank erosion. Panic-stricken locals have already left the area and have taken
refuge in higher places.

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Last year, more than 500 houses, huge amounts of farming lands, temples, local post
office and a primary school got eroded away.

The locals have been demanding for necessary steps to stop river bank erosion as
they suffer hugely soon after the monsoon season. However, the authorities have
assured that the situation is not worrying.

A resident of Mahananda Tola area said, “Erosion in the area has begun since few
days. But it took a bad shape on Sunday morning. The Ganga river is taking over
acres of land. Somehow the villagers have saved themselves by moving to bigger

Another local, who just lost his home said, “The Ganga has taken away all of my
land and house. Now want to go to some higher land. It is sad that not only there
is not help from the government, but no one has tried to find us.”

There is no reaction from the district irrigation department yet, though they did
accept the issue of river bank erosion.