Make The First Move


So it’s Saturday night and you are all decked up, all set for hitting the pub with your girlfriends. However, you are also hopeful that you might meet a cute guy who will catch your attention. So while you go all set to the club and you also meet that cute guy, you find yourself in a fix as the guy isn’t making any moves and you don’t want to lose out on your prospective boyfriend. So here are few friendly tips which can help you to ask out that guy without coming across as too needy.

1. Eye Contact: The first and foremost is the eye contact. One of the sure shot ways to know whether that guy is really into you is by looking into his eyes and secretly stealing few glances. Eye contact shows that you are confident. However, make sure you don’t constantly stare at them, making things uncomfortable.

2. Read body language: Try and read his body language. Is he also constantly stealing glances at you, flashing smile at you, leaning in and trying to touch you? Is he trying to strike a conversation with you? These are all the telltale signs that there isn’t any harm in making the first move.

3. Be confident: Be sure that you are confident even when making an eye contact, flashing smile or even when trying to strike a conversation. Confidence is what will take you further on this road,

4. Smart conversations: No man can deny the company of a lady who can put up interesting conversations, and can woo him by her wit and communication skills. Make sure that you keep the conversation light, funny, humorous and don’t tread on serious subjects. Also this a good way to know his hobbies and interests.

5. Single or not: Once you have done the above steps find out whether he’s single or not. Smartly mention about how lucky his girlfriend is to have such a funny and cute boyfriend. If he says he isn’t seeing anyone and is single then jackpot, but if he says he is dating someone then stay away as he is certainly off limits no matter how flashy your smile is and how gorgeous you look in the LBD.