Major Mishap Averted At Bidhannagar Railway Station


Kolkata: A major train accident was averted on Friday after two trains came face to face in the Bidhannagar Railway Station at platform number 3 in the same track.

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Mishap was averted due to the immediate actions of the drivers of the two trains. The down Naihati-Sealdah local had arrived at the station when the up Hasnabad local entered the same track from the opposite direction. The incident took place around 1.40 PM. The distance of both the trains was around 100 meters. The passengers in the platform were panicked over the incident which could have got big.

The train services were disrupted for about 30-40 minutes. This resulted in the passengers facing huge diffculities, with few passengers from the Sealdah-Lalgola passenger train started walking towards Saeldah through the tracks. Some have reportedly fallen sick.

After the mishap the chief safety officer has sought a report on the incident. And the division will send it out after probing.

The cause of this major mishap is yet to be known.