Major Fire Breaks Out At Kolkata’s Jeevan Sudha Building


Kolkata: A major fire breaks out on the 16th floor of Kolkata’s Jeevan Sudha building , located on Jawaharlal Nehru Road beside Tata Centre on Thursday morning. Ten fire tenders at the spot to douse the fire.

জওহরলাল নেহরু রোডের বহু তলে বিধ্বংসী আগুন

The floor housed the server room of the State Bank of India’s global market office. The chief general manager of Kolkata circle of SBI, P P Sengupta, said there was no news of anyone getting stuck on the floor.

Ten fire tenders have been pressed into service to douse the raging fire on the 17th floor of Jeevan Sudha building, a fire brigade official said. As per the eyewitnesses the fire was fast spreading to the other floors of the building.

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The building, which has 19 floors, houses offices of SBI and LIC branches and other financial organizations.

Sources of the fire are still unknown. Rescue operation underway.