Major Difficulty In Dousing ‘Uncontrollable’ Bagri Market Fire


Kolkata: The intensity of the fire at Burrabazar’s Bagri market is such that it is
presently out of control. Whenever one side is doused, the fire crops up from
another side. It has been eight hours, but still the fire is to be doused. The fire
tending officials are trying hard to douse the flames. They are trying to enter
using the stairs at the first floor.

Huge amount of inflammable substances were present in this 5-storey building
starting from plastic to chemical substances. Despite several attempts, the fire
tending officials could not go up. There are many houses adjoining to the area of
the incident. If the flames are being doused in the lower floors, the fire is
spreading to the floors above. When water is being given to the upper floors, the
fire is spreading the the floors below. As a result, the fire tending officials are
in a chaotic situation.

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The fire broke out at 2:30 after midnight. Fire tenders were rushed to the area one
by one. Till the morning 30 fire tenders were pressed into service. But the flames
could not be doused as the officials could not go up. They tried going up once at
10 am on Sunday.

According to the locals, the presence of inflammable substances led to the spread
of fire quickly. The entire area is filled with smoke.

Mayor Sovan Chatterjee and the Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar rushed to
the area. The Mayor said that the fire broke out at 2:45 am. All attempts are being
made to bring the fire under control. But the fire tending officials are facing
difficulty as the area is a clumsy one.

No reports of injuries yet.

Reported By: Shekhar Dubey
Edited By: Saheli Dey