Majerhat Bridge Collapse: ‘Save People, Politics Comes Later’


Kolkata: West Bengal top leaderships of several parties has visited after victims of Majherhat Bridge Collapse got admitted in Seth Suykhlala Memorial Hospital (SSKM) on Tuesday evening. BJP Mahila Morcha President Locket Chatterjee, TMC leader Madan Mitra, CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty sharply said that it is not the time for politics but the rescue work must go fast.

Replying to the question of reason Sujan Chakraborty said, rescuing people is more important than finding reason behind the incident. It is not the time for blame-game. In spite of being in the opposition I am there with the rescue mission.

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‘Forgetting party involvemnt everybody stands beside the flood affected of Kerala. It is also possible in West Bengal. Now rescue process must go fast. I want to see all alive out of that place”, he added.

BJP Mahila Morcha president Locket Chatterjee also agreed with the fact that it is important that injured gets a speedy recovery.

The Majerhat Bridge Collapse has rejuvenated the memory of bridge collapse at Ganesh Talkies. The difference between two incident that the under-construction parts have collapsed in Ganesh talkies and the Majerhat bridge is 40 years old. So the maintenance standing before a question of negligence. Thus humanity is the first priority to the oppositions.