Majerhat Bridge Collapse May Wash Away Behala Puja Spirit


Kolkata: Majerhat bridge collapse brings sad news for every Puja committee of Behala. Forty days left in Durga Puja. Majerhat bridge, the main connection to the Behala, collapsed on Tuesday evening . All the Puja Committee officials are now scared due to this incident.

ব্রিজ ভেঙে বেহাল বেহালার পুজো! মাথায় হাত উদ্যোক্তাদের

First, it reduced traffic to a crawl by eating into road space. Now, the construction of the Joka-BBD Bag Metro has left the arterial road of Behala in a shambles, congesting it even further. In some places, the top layer of the road has vanished completely, with huge puddles of rainwater making life difficult for both pedestrians and motorists.

But apart from this dismal conditions, the pandal hoppers do not hesitate to see the puja pandals of the Behala. Puja committees of Behala give surprise to the pandal hoppers every year by making unique theme. But since the bridge collapsed, they feared of gathering pandal hoppers.

Sponsorship is the biggest issue for the small puja committees of the Behala. But there is no such problem for large puja committees like SB Park or Behala Notun Dal. Sponsorship came long ago. But their fear is that due to communication problems, visitors may be skipped their Pandals.

The largest puja of Behala is SB Park. The Puja committee has come to the list of top in a very short time. Pujo Committee secretary Amit Ghosh said, “The first problem is for the visitors. Many may be skipped to see the pandals to avoid jam. The visitors from North Kolkata can not come here due to the Majerhat tragedy. In many cases the sponsorship are likely to fall back when less people visit the pandal. Behala Naskar Pukur lane Puja committee secretary Pratik said people want to avoid jamm, we do not have a huge budget, and if the crowd is less then the sponsorship can be cut.”

Behala Debdaru fatak puja committe Arijit said that people came to see the puja by another way and this is the main problem for pandal hoppers. Behala brothers from Behala Friends, every Puja Committee has similar fear. Hope people will not disparate them.

Reported By- Souptik Banerjee

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee