Maid Arrested In Salt Lake For Trying To Smuggle Body


Kolkata: A maid was arrested on Sunday for trying to smuggle body. The incident
took place at Salt Lake EE block. A driver was also arrested by the Bidhannagar
East police.

Prithvibaran Ganguly (78), a retired KMD worker, is the resident of Salt Lake EE
block. He was suffering from old-age disease from several days. A maid by the name
Jaba Chakroborty from Hoogly was hired. Prithvibaran died on Saturday night due to
poisoning. After this, Jaba tried wrapping and smuggling the body.

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The neighbours became suspicious when the body-carrying car was outside the house.
On enterring they found that Prithvibaran had passed away. At that time, jaba and
the driver Ranajit Satra was inside. They alleged that the maid and the driver were
trying to smuggle the body without informing his family members. The locals stopped
them and informed the relatives. Then they informed the police.

The deceased’s brother Dibyendu Ganguly said his brother expired at 4pm on
Saturday. But no doctors of Salt Lake has given the death certificate. The death
certificate was finally received from a doctor at Kadapara area. The maid even
stopped the relatives from enterring. It has been alleged that the maid did this to
take over his property and might have taken signatures to transfer it to her name.
After this, they were allegedly trying to vanish the body.

The Bidhannagar Police, East have started an investigation to the case.