‘Doctor-Mahisasur’ Of Md Ali Park Creates Controversy


Kolkata: When it comes to Durga Puja, Kolkata witnesses a metamorphosis every year. The dull, rustic streets turn bright and colourful and the sleepy alleys see a new vigour the trend of theme puja pandals. Similarly, this year one of the famous puja pandal of North Kolkata has come up with a theme that has created whirlwind in the medical fraternity.It is  said that doctors are the savior of the society . They are the only hope for the mankind after God. Once Bengali singer Nachiketa was into controversy for portraying doctors as butchers. Now North Kolkata’s one of the famous puja committee ‘Mohammed Ali Park ’ is into controversy for their Mahisasur model in Durga Puja pandal that portrays the doctors as evil for the society.

A clay model resembling a doctor and taking money in the crowd puller Mohammed Ali Park Durga Puja pandal has triggered protests from the medical fraternity prompting the organisers to put up a notice that the model represents ‘fake doctors’ only.

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Puja committee Chairman Dinesh Bajaj said, “Pictures of the model were taken before we could complete the decoration (leading to the controversy).

“Now we have put up a notice board before the model which reads ‘Hatred for fake doctors who are like demons and Respect for the real doctors”.

“We would have put up the board beside the model before inauguration, in any case. The same board would be put up in different parts of the park (where the pandal has come up),” Bajaj said.

The model donning a white apron and a stethoscope has been kept beside ‘mahisasura’, the buffalo demon slain by the goddess.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) member Dr Sajal Biswas said, “Durga puja is a festival of harmony where lakhs of people assemble. Such a model will create wrong impression about doctors who share a unique, human bonding with patients. We wish the model is removed and necessary action taken.”

IMA West Bengal unit Secretary Santanu Sen said, “It would have been appropriate if the model was removed. The puja committee should also make the issue clear that they are only referring to fake doctors and making a distinction. They should put up hoardings, posters and notices around the puja pandal area to make the distinction.”

Bajaj, however, said that the issue has been sorted out with the IMA and Medical Council of India that had contacted the organisers to seek assurances that the medical profession would not be maligned in puja decorations. The issue also triggered protests in the social network.