Mahisadal Gayeshwar Girls’ School Grabs The Opportunity To Compete In National Acting Competition

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Tamluk: A national level school-based acting competition will be held in Delhi. And before that the selection process of best schools from district and state level have been started. Mahishadal Gayeshwari Girls’ School has bagged the opportunity to participate in the competition from the district level.

The selection procedure took place in Tamluk’s Dimari High School, the selection was done among seven school of the district. Seven schools of the district included Hindi and Bengali medium schools too. Mahishadal Gayeshwari Girls’ School bagged the first position in this competition in state level. The state-level selection phase will be held in Kolkata on September 25th. And to succeed in this competition, the students of Mahishdal Gayeshwari Girls School are continuously taking the training to get the opportunity to participate in the national level.

Mahishadal Gayeshwari Girls’ School teacher Shubhrasri Maiti said that, in 2014-2015 our school got the opportunity to participate in the science drama competition. In that competition, our student Dipanwita Das and Rinita Naik received the best actress award.Apart from this we have won people’s heart in different blocks, districts and in state. This year for the national level acting competition an eight-minute play was made with five students of our school.The topic of the drama was based on the issues faced by the adolescents.The title was ‘Roshni-Manabta Ki’(Roshni- What is humanity).