Maheshtala Assembly Bypoll Result 2018: TMC Confirms Massive Victory, Mamata Unbeatable In Bengal


Big Win ! Trinamool Won by 62,324 votes and TMC has raised the margin of votes.

1:00 PM: The Trinamool Congress is all set for a victory in Maheshtala with a huge margin. The TMC candidate, Dulal Das, is most likely to seal the seat left vacant after the death of his spouse Kasturi Das. BJP’s candidate Sujit Ghosh is most likely to come a distant second.

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After 17th round of Counting TMC stands in 89,000

BJP- 31,000

Left- 25,000

12:10 PM: TMC was still leading with a huge margin as counting of votes continued for the Maheshtala Assembly seat. The writing on wall was clear for the opponents as the popularity of TMC in the region won them the day. With a few more rounds of counting remaining, it is unlikely that there will be a miraculous comeback by the BJP or CPM at this stage.

11:30 AM: Trinamool Congress today surged ahead of its BJP rival in the Maheshtala Assembly seat in West Bengal by a margin of more than 28,000 votes after nine rounds of counting according to Election Commission sources. TMC candidate Dulal Das secured 47,293 votes. BJP nominee Sujit Ghosh bagged 18,940 votes. The Left Front candidate Prabhat Chowdhury, who is supported by the Congress, got 13,964 votes.After 12th Round Of Counting TMC Stands 1st with 58,000 votes, BJP Stands 2nd With 22,000 votes, Left Stands in 3rd with 16,000 votes.

11:00 AM: TMC candidate Dulal Das was in the driver’s seat, leading by over 32,000 votes from Maheshtala assembly constituency after tenth round of counting. The trends clearly show that Trinamool cadre were spot-on in their local outreach.

10:20 AM: With a lead of over 20,000 votes, the TMC cadre in Maheshtala broke into an early celebration as they saw the initial trends as the writing on the wall. A victory on this seat will ensure that Mamata Banerjee keeps her head held high with the assurance that the TMC is still popular despite BJP making inroads in West Bengal.

10:00 AM: TMC looked set to reclaim the Maheshtala seat as it took a solid lead against the BJP and CPM in the early rounds of counting. The final result might still hold some surprises as a lot of rounds of counting were left but it would take a purple patch for the BJP and CPM to bring the fight to the TMC.

9:30 AM: The Trinamool Congress was in a comfortable lead against the BJP and CPM in the initial trends. The lead of candidate Dulal Das was massive against the competitors and it looks like TMC might just retain the seat which was left vacant after the death of Kasturi Das earlier in February.

9:00 AM: After Round 3 of counting, TMC is leading by 14,394 votes. TMC’s Dulal Das has a total of 18,470 votes. The CPM has a total of 4,076 votes while the BJP is closing in with 3,590 votes. There will be 21 rounds of counting. While TMC is leading with a huge margin but the difference between left and BJP is reducing. The fight is now for the second position.

8:50 AM: After Round 2 of counting, TMC is leading by 12,271 votes. TMC candidate Dulal Das leads with a total of 14,679 votes. The CPM has secured 2,390 votes while the BJP is currently last with a total of 1,312 votes.

8:30 AM: The first trends coming in for West Bengal’s Maheshtala constituency did not give a concrete figure on who was trailing and winning. The battle was a closely fought one and the coming minutes will be a nail-biting time for the candidates in fray.

8:00 AM: The counting of votes for West Bengal Maheshtala bypoll 2018 began with the fate of TMC’s Dulal Das, BJP’s Sujit Ghosh and CPM’s Prabhat Choudhury hanging by a thread. The Maheshtala constituency is vital for all political bigwigs as a loss for TMC would mean a renewed push for the BJP and CPM.

Maheshtala : The highly talked-about West Bengal Maheshtala bypoll 2018 saw the battle lines drawn between the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The CPM also tried to flex its muscles in the constituency where the elections had to be held due to the death of TMC MLA Kasturi Das earlier in February. BJP’s candidate for the Maheshtala bypoll is Sujit Ghosh who has been vocal about the role of central forces during the polling. 

TMC candidate Dulal Das, the widower of Kasturi Das, on the other hand, had alleged that BJP was using dirty tricks to win the key polls. Dulal Das had alleged that the BJP was trying to lure in voters by giving them money. CPM candidate Prabhat Choudhury also said that he had submitted a written complaint about the mob gatherings at poll booths.