Mahasaptami: Chaotic Streets & Over Crowded Pandals

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Kolkata: The festival of Durga Puja which is the staple festival of the Bengali community is celebrated over a five day span. The Durga puja spirit soared on Maha Saptami – day three of the festival – as revellers celebrated in the metropolis and districts of West Bengal.

State capital Kolkata – hosting people from India and abroad, who have come to soak in the cultural and religious gala – seemed virtually free of its trademark potholes and squalor. People danced, whistled, mingled with friends and family, in an infectious all-embracing spirit.

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Thousands of people from all walks of life poured into the streets and queued in front of puja pandals to view the idols, imaginative decorations and illuminations.

Chaotic streets, over crowded pandals & never ending queues – nothing in this world deters the devotees from visiting all the pandals. As the day sets in, devotees clad in crisp ironed clothes & heavy silk sarees, patiently wait for one single glimpse of the goddess without worry linesSome popular puja pandals witnessed long queues as people waited patiently to view the intricate artworks that were a result of months of hard work by the community puja organisers vying for awards by different companies and the state government, as well as for viewers’ appreciation.

People have been making a beeline for these pandals.Durga Puja, which acts as a catalyst for bringing together people from all sections, is also made the most of by political leaders. Names of many heavyweight ministers such as Subrata Mukherjee, Partha Chatterjee, Arup Biswas, Sobhan Chattopadhyay, etc are associated with popular community pujas in the metropolis.

The Kolkata Police personnel, along with those of the city civic police and other volunteers, has been deployed in large numbers near popular community pujas and busy intersections to ensure smooth flow of traffic during the puja days.