Mahanayak Continues To Rule Millions Of Hearts


Kolkata: ‘I will go to the Top, the top’ the epic dialogue of Uttam Kumar, The man and the Mahanayak, will continue to reside in our hearts. A study of Bengali cinema is never complete without the legendary man. Uttam Kumar, the numerous actor of Bengal also India was the pioneer of the golden era of Bangla cinema. The magic that started in the 40’s with his arrival on the silver screen is yet to fade away. Satyajit Ray considered him as a phenomenon.

The love that Uttam Kumar had received from his fans remains unparalleled in Bengali cinema till today. There have been stars and actors far more successful than him both commercially, but this guy continues to carve a niche in the hearts of cine goers.

At first he very much struggled with his cine career when his ‘Mayador’ was not even released in halls but after all this hurdles Uttam Kumar established his superb contribution in Bengali cine dunia. At early his career, he was influenced by the theatre scene in the 1940s, and continued doing theatre even after he had started acting in films.

As an actor Uttam saw stupendous success. Uttam Kumar soon became frustrated with the exaggerated methods of dialogue delivery and voice modulations and concentrated on more acting methods. After that the actor chanted the Gita and the Chandipath in order to improve his diction.

Nayak (1966), Amanush (1975), Ananda Ashram (1977) and many other such films of Uttam Kumar dominated our hearts till now. The songs of his movie till nurture our hearts in the era of rock songs. There are few actors in Bengal till date who have been able to generate the kind of mass hysteria that Uttam Kumar did. Strangely, the craze for Uttam is still unflagging, and a staple Bengali entertainment even today is a rerun of his films on television every once in a while.

It’s been 37 years since’ Mahanayak’ Uttam Kumar breathed his last (he passed away on July 24, 1980), but his films continue to rule the hearts of million. Many of Bengalis still now think that nobody can carry dhoti or Punjabi like him. He is the face of Bengalis.

The golden pair Uttam-Suchitra defined, and immortalized the romance on the silver screen like no-one else. The pair did more than thirty movies together and most of them went on to become iconic hits of Bangla cinema. In Suchitra’s eye- In a word, Uttam Kumar is a great artist. Though he has many dark sides but His golden period destroys all darkness of his life. If golden times adorn Bengali cinema now, Uttam Kumar had been the epitome.

Piku Mukherjee