On Mahalaya, Elaborate Arrangement By Kolkata Police


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police have made an elaborate arrangement to avoid any untoward incident when hundreds of people will gather in the banks of river Hooghly to offer tarpan on the day of Mahalaya. Every year, hundreds of people gather at the ghats on the banks of river Hooghly since early morning on the day of Mahalaya. The police take all necessary steps so that not a single person drowns in the river.

Officers of the River Traffic section of the Kolkata Police will be out in the river on boats. The boats will keep moving near the ghats so that immediate assistance can be provided to people as and when required. There will also be officers of the disaster management group and they will dive into the river if they find someone drowning. There will be constant announcement using public addressing system from the boats so that people keep themselves restricted at the ghats in the banks of river Hooghly.

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Cops will be posted at the ghats from early in the morning. Senior police officers mainly from the City Police’s Port Division will be on duty on Monday to ensure safety of the people at the ghats. The senior police officers will also be constantly monitoring the situation. Policemen will also be deployed at the ghats to manage the crowd. . No one will be allowed to get down in the river for 15 minutes before and after the high tide.