Maha Cops Tortured Women in Custody


Aurangabad: Two women, who were being questioned over an accidental death, have alleged that they were forced to take off their clothes and police then put chilli powder on their private parts at Kranti Chowk Police Station in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The Aurangabad Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar, has ordered an enquiry into the incident.

Aurangabad Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar told, “Prima facie the allegations of torture and disrobing seem to be incorrect. However an enquiry has been ordered and an Assistant Commissioner of Police as the allegations are very serious. Further action will be decided upon after the submission of the enquiry report.”

One of the victims, a 21-year-old woman who holds an engineering diploma told reporters: “One of them took hold of me and other started hitting me hard. After that PSI (Police Sub Inspector) Dhokrat came there and instructed the women PSI to remove our clothes and apply chili powder on our private parts.”

“These women PSI acted as they were instructed. And when I started crying they shut the door and went away. After that I was sent to rest room. The same was done with my friends. Then they again questioned us. We told them what happened but we were not only abused and assaulted but also blamed for my friend’s death,” she said.

Senior Police Inspector Govardhan Kolekar however denied the allegations. He told reporters, “This has not happened at the police station. These allegations are all wrong. None of them have been beaten up at the police station and whatever has been alleged which has been published in newspaper are all lies.” The victims also alleged that cops at the police station asked for bribes while threatening to frame them in the case.

“They demanded Rs. 1 Lakh. When we told them about our hand-to-mouth existence, they reduced the amount to Rs. 50,000 but finally they agreed to release us only if we paid Rs. 35,000 and we were asked to be discreet about it. They asked our parents to pay the amount through us,” one of the victims told reporters.

The victims say after the incident they went to the Police Commissioner’s office and narrated the ordeal to the Deputy Superintendent of Police. They say they were asked to give their complaint in writing and then sent for a medical check-up.