Madras HC grants bail to rape accused to ‘mediate’ with victim


Chennai: The Madras High Court has given bail to a rape convict who had assaulted a minor girl so that he can ‘mediate’ with the victim who gave birth to a child after being raped.

The order was issued in response to an appeal by the convict V Mohan who was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment and slapped with a fine of Rs 2 Lakh by a Mahila Court in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu in 2002.

Justice D Devadass said, “In the facts and circumstances, the case before us is a fit case for attempting compromise between the parties. ‘Mediation’ mode is best suited to them…Keeping the appellant inside the jail and asking him to participate in the mediation talk will not result in any fruitful result.”

The judge said that his order was in line with the Indian Legal System’s move to adopt an ‘alternative dispute resolution’ system as an alternative to the ‘time consuming, cumbersome expensive conventional court system’.