Madras HC Asks Tamil Nadu Govt To Release Jaya’s Health Status


Chennai:  Opposition in the Tamil Nadu government has raised questions about the functionality of the government in the absence of Chief Minister J Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha continues to remain hospitalized  for fever and dehydration for two weeks. A petition has been filed for the same in the Madras High court by social activist Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy stressed on the urgency of the case to reveal the health status. However, the government pleader argued that there is no urgency to hear the case as the hospital is releasing daily medical bulletins. The High Court asked the pleader to get back after consultations with the government.

Confusion erupted when the government released no official statement since 12 days. A bulletin released by the hospital on Monday said the health of the chief minister ‘continues to improve.’

“The treatment plan including appropriate antibiotics, respiratory support and other allied clinical measures are presently being continued to treat the infection,” said the bulletin. A specialist doctor from London, UK was also flown in to monitor Jayalalithaa’s condition.

DMDK and DMK supremos also demanded that the actual status of her health should be revealed by the government.


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