Madonna Dedicates `Intervention’ Song To Son At Australian Gig


Melbourne: Seems like Madonna is really missing her son Rocco as she dedicated an emotional song ‘Intervention’ to the 15-year-old at the Tears of a Clown show in Melbourne.

While crooning an emotional song, pictures of Rocco were projected on the screen behind the 57-year-old singer, as she sang emotional lyrics including, “I know that love will keep us together / I know the road looks lonely / And either way my baby, we’ll never be the same,” People magazine reports.

In addition to this, the ‘Crazy for You’ hit-maker told the audience before dedicating the song ‘La Vie en Rose’ to Rocco that there is no love stronger than a mother for her son, adding that she might not hold back her tears if she continued talking about her son.

Interestingly, her concert, which was free for 1,400 fans, was reportedly filmed for a bonus CD included with her Rebel Heart tour album.

Meanwhile, the singer did not attend her custody battle proceedings at High Court in London due to the Australian leg of her Rebel Heart tour.

Another hearing is tentatively scheduled for June 1 in the event Madonna and Ritchie are unable to reach a custody resolution.