Madeira Massacre Strikes Ronaldo Again !


Lisbon: And it happened yet again ! Wondering what ?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust, a part of the new statue which was inaugurated at Madeira, came under harsh criticism and huge mockery after twitterratis trolled Ronaldo’s bust on social media. The statue was unveiled on the occasion where the Aeroporto de Madeira airport was renamed after him. It was trolled because twitteratis claimed that the bust no way resembled Ronaldo.

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True, because we don’t find any resemblance either.

This so called human-error has happened in the past too. But the question is why it is always with Ronaldo. But before hovering over this question, let us relate to this ‘historical’ blunder.

The day was December 22, 2014. The location was Madeira. Hey wait..Madeira? Yes ! The occasion? Ronaldo was presented with a medal of merit which he owns of course. But did he own the statue which was unveiled the same day? This we don’t know.The statue was a huge one with a ‘huge’ penis bulge too. It looked as if Ronaldo , err, the statue of Ronaldo had a massive erection. This ‘majestic’ sight grabbed everyone’s balls, umm…we mean ‘eyeballs’ just the way it happened on Wednesday.

What caused this massacre is still unknown. Was the artist a pervert ? Or was he too huge a fan of Ronaldo’s?

Though Ronaldo had tweeted, “I feel so proud to be honoured with a statue in Madeira. It’s a huge joy to share this moment with my family and the people from Madeira”
We await the footballer’s response for the recent massacre too !

The football legend, who had brought glory to Portugal with their great win in the Euro Cup 2016, certainly deserves respect.