Madan’s Bail Plea Postpones for Tommorow


Kolkata: Madan Mitra’s hearing ends for today at the Kolkata HC due to lack of time. The hearing is adjourned for tomorrow under Jugde Nishita Matre’s division bench.

The final settlements of this case are expected tomorrow. The court was dismissed early today because of a tribute being paid to the lawyers who died during the course of Durga Puja holidays.  According to court sources, the case might be heard early morning tomorrow.

Today was Madan Mitra’s hearing for his bail plea in the Kolkata high court. Special lawyer K Raghabcharul questions the possibility of dismissal of Madan’s bail plea due to influential documents. In his statement to the court, K Raghabcharul says that Madan Mitra is a highly influential person, because he is still a cabinet minister. He should be immediately sent to prison. He doubts his sickness during his jail term.

As the Judge wanted to know, why they have send the case to the city sessions court from the Alipore court, CBI says that they have observe some abnormalities in the Alipore court. The inquiry officer was absent hence they have asked another days time but they were not allowed at that time. Moreover the lower court had already fixed their decisions hence they have appealed to high court.