Madan’s bail in Jethmalani’s hand!


Kolkata: To bail out himself from the correctional home, Madan Mitra may take refuge of renowned non-agerian lawyer Ram Jethmalani. Sources said, the former central law minister almost gave some indications to take up Mitra's case. Till now, the jailed state transport minister could not get any pardon from the court. In fact, his plea was rejected quite a number of times in several courts. The divison bench of Justice Nishita Matre and Justice Asha Arora may hear the case of Madan Mitra. It was stated that in that hearing Ram Jethmalani could appear and plead for Mitra's bail. In Delhi, there is a saying that if Jethmalani took up a case, the alleged person could sleep in peace. Could it be real for Madan Mitra? But, the question is 'IF' ! If Ram Jethmalani takes Madan Mitra's case…