Madanbabu’s Twit: A New ‘Change of Guard’ Drama


Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury

Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury

A twit from an old guard and a fresh quake shook the West Bengal CPM’s tattered citadel. Madan Ghosh, the CITU leader of the rice bowl of Bengal commented that enough is enough, he want to retire from the party leadership with ‘Glory’. Almost 34 years of rule of the much hyped Red Bastion gave the people of Bengal many ‘glorious’ gifts, from a star the state gradually became a mediocre in the nation’s ranking. Now a few representatives of the previous rulers think that the change of the Old Guards may create some sensation among the people of WB.

However those pipe-dreams from time to time overtook the very leadership of the so called Marxist hegemony from time to time all over the world. But once they have overthrown, the Reds could not find the passage for power again through any type of free and fair poll. So they have to relish the fraternity and comradeship with various social democratic polity. From Greece to Venezuela, wherever the progressive forces win the multi-party election, the followers of the Proletarian Party hegemony enthralled by those phenomenon. May be CPM’s own Yom Kippur pilgrims also follow those footsteps. So, which line they now want to accept? The line of Lenin’s Third International, or the Social Democrat’s Fourth International? May be Western Europe’s socialist cuisine is not so tasteless in the Reds’ tongue now!

But you can’t fool the people forever. If it was a chess game to you, and if you think that the plebeian always lagged behind because of their ‘Black’ pieces, ultimately you have to embrace the defeat again and again. Basically, in any democratic country, the general people are such superb players as Garry Kasparov or Viswanathan Anand. They could outsmart your hypocrisy with in-built elegance and wisdom.

Karl Marx disdained to hide TRUTH. But CPM people always hate to face that mirror. So, we have to see new more episodes of their Change of Guards drama.