Madan Mitra Will Not Be Transferred To SSKM

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Kolkata: Former TMC leader Madan Mitra will not be transferred to SSKM as according to the doctors, who reached Alipore Central Jail to examine him on Sunday.

Madan Mitra is ill and was supposedly, thought that he would be transferred to the SSKM Hospital on Sunday. A team of 4 doctors reached the jail to examine him. After examination the doctors decided not to shift him to SSKM..

 Phase IV Bengal Elections are scheduled on April 25 on Monday. Kamarhati constituency will go into polls in phase 4. Former Minister Madan Mitra is contesting from the Kamarhati constituency.

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Madan Mitra could not campaign for the assembly polls as he did not get permission for parole. His brothers, wife and daughter-in-law campaigned on behalf of him. But that did not provide a relief to him. Due to tension, he fell ill in the jail. According to reports, he has complained of pain in his chest. The doctors of the hospital had kept him under acute observation every minute. It was thought that he might be taken to the SSKM Hospital for treatment. According to sources, a special room has already been arranged for him in SSKM.

The opposition denied accepting that Madan Mitra would be transferred to SSKM a day before the crucial phase 4 elections. They had alleged that the government was misusing their power to shift him to such a place such that he can operate the voting process from SSKM itself. They had urged that if required, he must be admitted to the Central Command Hospital from where he will not be able to operate the voting process. They have also asked to not provide the minister with any mobile phone. The CPM, Congress and BJP were on their way to the Commission to complain against the matter.