‘Mad City’ Fiasco: Deshapriya’s Puja Reopens


Kolkata: Highlighting an utter chaos in the Mamata government’s much vaunted initiatives for a safe and hassle free puja, police on Tuesday allowed the Deshapriya durga idol to be unveiled again, after imposing a ban on Monday citing fear of a possible stampede.

Authorities had earlier claimed that the puja organizers have flouted the High Court norms in constructing the pandal and also stated that proper crowed management facility is not in place. An FIR has also been filed against the organizers.

The Maha Panchmai had witnessed an immense number of crowed flocking into the Deshopriya pandal to see the 82 feet durga idol claimed to be world’s biggest ever. A minor stampede occurred in the pandal on Monday injuring 11 people.

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