Maan Ki Baat: PM Modi Seeks Ideas For Independence Day Speech


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday sought ideas from citizens about the topics he should focus on during his Independence Day speech.

“I am the first Prime Minister of the country born after Independence…I will address the nation on 15th August. I seek your ideas for my address. Please share them on the Mobile App or MyGov,” the PM urged, in his Mann ki Baat address to the nation on Sunday morning.

Modi added that people can also use the App to wish the athletes representing India at the Rio Olympic Games. He said he’s even willing to be a postman to send the Indian Olympics squad its country’s best wishes.

“Winning or losing is important, sure, but to even get to this point (of being in the Olympics squad) is a huge accomplishment. Therefore we must give our best wishes to all the sportspersons in the squad, and for that, the country’s PM is willing to be your postman”, the PM said.

The PM also took the opportunity to announce a new scheme under which pregnant women will get a free medical check-up on the ninth of every month.

“We have started the Prime Minister’s Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan, under which a free check-up will be given to pregnant women on the 9th of every month in government health centres,” Modi said, adding that while the Maternal Mortality Rate has come down in the last couple of decades, it is still a big problem in India.

“Thousands of doctors have agreed to my request for this, but in a big country like India, lakhs of doctors should join this campaign,” the PM urged.

On a separate but related note, the PM also cautioned against the excessive use of antibiotics. “Stop taking antibiotics without consulting the doctor. This shortcut should not be used. It can only give you momentary relief,” PM Modi said, adding that this practice leads to antibiotic resistance. If one does take antibiotics, “please complete the full course. Not completing the course, or an overdose, both are harmful”, he said.

The PM also expressed his sorrow at the lives lost during floods+ during this monsoon season. “The state governments and the centre are working closely to help the flood-affected people, he said. “We are happy about the monsoon, but with that also comes illnesses. We’ve to be careful and take precautionary measures to fight this,” the PM said.

In relation to the climate, the PM addressed the issue of climate change.

“Let us create a mass movement of planting as many trees as possible… The state of Rajasthan has decided to plant 25 lakh trees. This is a very big thing and must be appreciated… Andhra Pradesh has decided that by 2029 they will increase their green cover by fifty percent”, the PM said praising these efforts.

We all want a better life for our children, the PM said, and planting trees and increasing the green cover is very important for that.

With regard to this, Modi took time out to mention that a woman from Pune, Sonal, gifted a mango sapling to all the invitees at her wedding.

The PM mentioned another citizen, Shilpi Varma, “who made me aware about cheat and fraud e-mails”. One needs to be cautious and alert about digital fraud which is rampant these days, Modi said.

Modi also made a mention of the upcoming Raksha bandhan festival. “On Raksha bandhan, you can gift your sisters an insurance policy,” Modi urged.