Maa Flyover Trial To Continue, Despite Traffic Chaos


Kolkata: Inspite of traffic chaos at the Maa Flyover, trial run is to continue at the AJC Road Connector.

The DC said that some improvements must be made regarding the traffic chaos. Since Thursday was the first day of the trial run, hence it took some time for the officials to understand the situation. The hawkers have also added to this chaos. Though, the police have completely denied it. The trial run would be held between 9am to 9 pm.

A trial run began at Maa flyover from Thursday onwards, as per the Kolkata Police. The police had informed that the train run would begin from 6 in the morning on Thursday. In the meantime, transport services were suspended since Monday night at the AJC Bose Road.

The Kolkata Police had even published a structural report which focused on the ways the traffic would move at the Maa flyover. The report mentions that the vehicles which would be destined towards the E.M. Bypass, Salt Lake, Ruby Island, Garia would be moved through the AJC Bose road and finally led into the Ma flyover. The crossing would be particularly checked during the trial run.

Also, in order to come towards the 7-point crossing from the E.M. Bypass, the Maa flyover would be allowed to be used. Those vehicles coming from the Theatre road to the Eastern part of the city would be allowed to use the Darga Road and Bridge number 4.

The connector between the Maa flyover and the AJC Bose Road would be inaugurated on August 28.