Ma Kali Gave Inspiration To Fight Against Britons


Malda: The citizens of Malda started worshiping Goddess Kali to keep themselves mentally strong against the torture of the Britons in 1930.

The people living in Puratuli decided to protest against the atrocities carried out by the Bristish. But power and courage was all that they needed to fight against the powerful Britons who possessed powerful modern weapons. They set-up a gymnasium to make their bodies strong. Side by side they started worshiping Goddess Kali.

They started worshipping a ten-headed Kali which is still followed today. However, the location has been changed to Gangabag field. It is famous as the ten-headed Maha Kali in the area.

Maha Kali idol has 10 heads, 10 hands and 10 legs. There is no existence of Lord Shiva in this idol. The head of the Asura lies beneath Kali’s feet. Different kinds of weapons are in Kali’s 10 hands. According to the Puja organisers, this idol is mentioned in the ‘Boikretik Rahashya’ in the Sri Sri Chandi book.

This idol is also sculpted along the walls of the Bihar’s Bindubasini’s mountains since old ages. The Kali temple was established in Ganga bag area in 1985. It was made by Astham Choudhury. Animal sacrifice is performed even today in this Puja.

Several stories can be heard about the building of the temple. This Puja was first started by Kamal Krishna Choudhury. As per locals, Prafulladhan Mukherjee, resident of the area, had performed Tantra in the area where the temple stands today. The asana of Panchamundi was prepared for Tantra. On top of this asana, the altar of the Goddess has been constructed. After Prafulla died, his next generation and some of locals kept doing the Puja. But presently, the responsibility of the Puja is under English Bazar’s Byayam Samiti.

Byayam Samiti’s president Nataraj Mukherjee said that from the beginning the Puja is performed on Chaturdash Tithi instead on Amavashya. The blood of the animal sacrified is offered to Kali. After the Puja concluded, Shol fish curry is prepared and offered to the Goddess. This year it steps into its 88th year.