Lust For Performance Must Get The Priority


Amit Dey: Cricket mania in India is comparable to American baseball craze. Legendary cricketers like Pankaj Roy, Arun Lal, Sourav Ganguly or present time cricketers like Wriddhiman Saha and Mohammed Shami inspire the younger generation. But the question arises, why the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) cannot produce any player for a long time to represent Indian cricket team. Apart from Pankaj Roy and Sourav Ganguli.

The tragedy is most of the aspirant cricketers of Bengal are neglected by CAB. There is a need to spot good players from all over the state. Yes, there are so many cricket academies. But not for the rural poor but quality players.

Like any sports arena, cricket arcade also has its jealous sectarianism and complexities. Another reason is the poor infrastructure. In words, Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) introduced the ‘Son of the Soil’ theory for registration of players from the last year. Their motto is to sort out talented players from district level from different age groups. Yes, many are getting opportunity since then to represent the Bengal cricket squad. But can CAB claim the process is fare and unscathed? Of course they are trying to upgrade the overall standard of district level cricket and also trying to find out the talented players from the school levels. But who can say with an affidavit that the selectors and the spotters are the representatives of Satya Yuga?

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Bengal team’s performances have not improved in Ranji Trophy for so many decades. The Bengal team achieved the Trophy only for two times.  In 1938-39, the title was won for the first time and 1989-90 was the last.

So, the road ahead is challenging and an ordeal for CAB. Blame somebody for failure is not a solution.  Lust for performance must get the priority.