Lucknow Shootout: Startling Facts About Suspected ISIS Terrorist


Lucknow: The country is rocked after a suspected terrorists activity in Uttar Pradesh which took place on Tuesday. Not only details of the activity has gained publicity, but the suspected schedule of the terrorists, who had holed up at the building in Thakurganj in UP, needs publicity.

In a shocking incident, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow on Tuesday witnessed an ISIS terror activity. A suspected ISIS terrorist, identified as Saifullah sneaked into the Thakurganj area located in old Lucknow. With the security forces, including the Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) men surrounding the area, a tense stand-off took place on Tuesday which continued till midnight. However, he was gunned down by the forces late at night. Some details revealed are: The terrorist followed a timely routine as suggested by the schedules that were found in the room, where he was hiding in the Thagurganj locality. He had a specific time wake up, walk, exercise, food and more. He was a part of the ISIS Khorasan module.

An ISIS flag in the room suggested that he followed the ideologies of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group, but his motives of entering the city are still not known. A number of weapons including knives, pistols, bullets were also found in the room along with passports, cash, walkie talkies and timers, these things suggested that the militant that something big planned ahead.

Apart from the cash and passports; gloves, fevi quick, match sticks, mobile phones were also found in the Thakurganj house where the terrorist was hiding.

According to reports, gunfire was exchanged between both the parties and an explosion also took place but no one was reportedly injured. The police is questioning a number of suspects at the moment in order to get the details as to how and why the militant got into the city. The authorities are linking the militant to the explosion in the Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train on Tuesday morning, where a mobile phone exploded, causing injury to 9 people, according to reports. Uttar Pradesh Election polling is on the brink of closing today and the results will be announced on March 11. A total of 404 seats are up for take, the party that wins the majority seats in the UP Legislative Assembly will get to decide the next Chief Minister.