LPG Cylinder Rates Increase Across The Country

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New Delhi: After the continuous hike in fuel prices in the past few weeks, the prices for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) got increased by Rs 2.34 and Rs 48 for subsidised and non-subsidised cylinders respectively in the national capital on Friday.

The new price for subsidised (Rs./14.2 Kg) cylinder in Delhi is Rs 493.55, while that of non-subsidised cylinder is Rs 698.50.

Besides Delhi, the new rates for subsidised cylinder are Rs 496.65 in Kolkata, Rs 491.31 in Mumbai and Rs 481.84 in Chennai respectively.

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Meanwhile, the new prices for non-subsidised cylinder are Rs 723.50 in Kolkata, Rs 671.50 in Mumbai and Rs 712.50 in Chennai.

This comes after the Central government got slammed for hiking the fuel prices for 16 consecutive days until May 30, when the common man finally got some respite with a mere decline in the petrol and diesel prices.

The Indian Oil Corporation on Friday reduced the price of petrol by 7 paise and diesel by 5 paise following cues from international oil rates. A litre of petrol in Delhi now costs Rs 78.29, while diesel will cost Rs 69.20 per litre.

In New Delhi, the price of a non-subsidised cylinder had risen to Rs 1,244.50, in Mumbai Rs 1,196.00 and Rs 1291.00 and Rs 1334.00 in Kolkata and Chennai.