Lower Court’s activity shocks Banichakra


Kolkata: Banikchakra,where stalwart Dwijen Mukherjee is the President, is a musical institution quite well known in the City. But of late, it has been going through a legal pandemonium. The wing of Banichakra which is located at Ramani Chatterjee Street in Gariahat is taken in rent by the authorities. A legal case had been lodged in a lower court regarding diputes over the rent recently. According to the judgement of the lower court, Banichakra has been ordered to leave the place. But the authorities however did not take the judgement as the last word and have moved the High Court for a fresh hearing in the matter.

In the mean time, the lower court had ordered to vacant the Banichakra School at Ramani Chatterjee Street. Acting on the order,  a team had dislodged the school and the necessary possession of Banichakra from this particular wing at Gariahat. It is heard that they have even made a Group D worker sign in a white sheet of paper in connection to their way of action.

Dwijen Mukherjee along with some other top authorities of Banichakra has expressed their grief in the matter and have raised question on such an action executed by the Lower Court when the case was taken to the High Court for its hearing.