Low-Cost Sanitary Napkins By Bengal Govt


Purulia: Women in Purulia district have managed to destroy taboos related to the monthly cycle, through a project that aims at providing better sanitation and hygiene.

It also allows some women to earn money. An SHG in Jaipur Purulia, has taken up the work of manufacturing sanitary napkins. Last year in June, the District Rural Development Cell (DRDC) and UNICEF jointly mooted a proposal for a sanitary napkin production centre at Purulia to provide cheap sterilised napkins and advocacy on personal hygiene.

The DRDC fulfilled the infrastructure requirements while UNICEF offered technical support. A pilot project was started in Jaipur in Purulia. ASHA workers have been roped in to distribute the end products.

Each month, the 30 women work on the two sterilisation machines to produce about 900 sanitary napkin packets. Besides retailing, the centre supplies napkins for hospitals, schools and SHGs. A plan has been made to include the Kanyashree girls in the distribution list.