Cherry Blossoms: India’s Smallest Baby Is Born


Hyderabad: For the first time in India a baby of 375 grams has managed to survive after a premature birth at 25 weeks gestation (nearly four months earlier than the expected date ).

Nicknamed Baby Cherry, this petite girl gave anxious moments not only to her parents but also to the doctors. Dr. Nitasha, Senior Neonatologist at Rainbow Hospital told that the baby was born on 27 February 2018 with the birth weight of 375 grams and length of 26 centimeters.

She further said, “The baby is the smallest in South-East Asia. To know more about Baby Cherry and her amazing story of survival we need to go back to February this year when her mother, 26-year-old Nitika Ajwani, was in her fifth month of pregnancy.

“The baby was on the ventilator for 105 days after delivery, we have taken every measure to make her grow. In total the baby spent 128 days in the hospital before discharge. Now the baby Cherry is 2.45 kilograms and 45 centimeters long,” she added.