‘Lovejoy’ to whiz past Earth once again


New Delhi: Are you a Skygazer? Well, if you had missed watching the unique Green and fizzy light on Jan 24, do not panic. The comet named Lovejoy (C/2014Q2) will once again appear on Jan 26 at night

Observatories everywhere have asked public to join them in viewing the spectacular comet on Saturday. The reason behind its mesmerizing green light is due to the diatomic carbon gas present in it. The comet’s close approach on Sun will be on 30 January 2015. And it will bid adieu for another 8,000 years.

Lovejoy was discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy in November 2011.

So, if you had missed the comet then watch out for another interesting celestial treat –asteroid 2004BL86, tonight. As the asteroid is expected to whiz past the Earth tonight, it would surely be a visual treat to all skygazers.