Love Rosogolla? Here’s ‘Palm Rosogolla’ For You


Bankura: The Bengali cuisine, culture, hospitality and festivals are synonymous with sweets. And rosogolla has got blended into the cultural fabric of the Bengali society over the years.

তালের রসগোল্লার টানে বাঁকুড়ায় মানুষের ভিড়

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But can you heard Palm Rosogolla? Yes, this flavoured rosogolla is available in West Bengal’s Bankura Courtesy Haripada Mistanno Bhandar at Simlapal School More.

This unique flavoured rosogollas are not available at other places, said Sellers. There are plenty of palm trees in the south Bankura. And everyone knows about making different types of pithe by using palm.

Three years ago, the workers of Haripada Mistanno Bhnadar of Simlapal took an initiative to produce palm rosogollas. After success of the first year, every year they made palm rosogolla. And the demand for these rosogollas are also very high. People are running away from the far distance to taste this unique rosogolla.

How Palm Rosogolla is being made?

Niloy Patra, owner of the Sweet Shop said “The main ingredient in making rasogolla is Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is mixed up with palm and then it will be ready for made. This rasogolla has become very popular in the last few years due to its own taste.”

Taraknath Bhandari, a teacher from Medinipur, told that he heard the news of Rosogolla from a relative house. After that he came Simlapal to taste the palm rosogolla. In coming days, The jhilipies, Sandesh of palm will be made experimentally apart from Rosogolla, said Simhapal’s Haripada Mistanno Bhandar artisans.

Reporting By-Timirkanti Pati
Edited By- Piku Mukherjee