Love Commmandos Helped Afsana To Knot With Malkit


New Delhi:  Afsana Banu, a brave girl of Islam religion, defeated death threats and married other religion boy named Malkit Singh. Malkit Singh is from Sikh community. The couple overcomes al the hurdle and knot with each other. Afsana’s society did not support her, as well as she also got death threat from her beloved family and so called ‘society’. Ignoring all this things both tied with each other.

But Without ‘LoveCommando’ Afsana’s story may be incomplete. All the happiness which they enjoyed right now is only for a NGO named Love Commando. The NGO went through hell to get them married. Afsana-Malkit had to live in hiding with Love Commandos support.

Love Commandos filed police complaints against those threatening them. They met top cops of the area but they didn’t take stern action. The locality where the couple lives has a history of communal clashes and they didn’t want to “disturb law and order.” Miraculously, fainthearted cops got transferred; sincere cops took over and instructed officers to act swiftly.

Afsana and Malkit had a little ceremony in the gurudwara, and hopefully they will be safe. Afsana also thanked each and every person of Love Commandos for supporting. Actually, one thing,  there are very few people in this world who stand by the weak and the oppressed.