Lord Shiva, Muslim’s first Prophet: Mufti Ilyas


Ayodhya: Jamiat Ulema’s Mufti Muhammad Ilyas fanned controversy by saying that all Muslims were followers of Sanatan Dharma and Lord Shiva is Muslim’s first Prophet.

“All religions are preaching the same message. We are Indians first and our message is of peace, harmony and brotherhood. The way people in China are called Chinese and in Japan are called Japanese, similarly we are called Hindustani,” Ilyas said.

He also added, “India is our birthplace and roots of our religion. Lord Shiva was Muslims’ first prophet. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are our creators and parents which is a reality”.
Mufti Mukarram Ahmed, Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid has criticized Ilyas over his remarks and said the statement was politically motivated. No such thing is mentioned in the Quran.

Earlier a Delegation of Jamiat Ulema visited Ayodhya on Wednesday to urge the saints to join a Conference on communal harmony, which was to be held on February 27 in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh.