Glitz & Glamour Of Lord Ganesha In Kolkata

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Kolkata: In a city where till a few years ago the big pujas consisted of Durga, Saraswati and Kali, Ganesha has slowly, but surely, found his following.

Even 10 years ago, Beadon Street and Amherst Street were known for their massive Saraswati and Kali idols — some even 30 feet tall. Their numbers have dwindled now with their patrons, traditional Bengali families, moving to the suburbs. But the glitz and glamour of the Ganesha pujas have more than made up for it.

According to TOI report, Ram Shankar Gupta, a senior steel trader from Lohaputty of Amherst Street, explained, “These Ganesha pujas have all relocated from Burrabazar with the businessmen who have bought flats in the upcoming complexes here. They have now become wealthy and their pujas have become glamourous.”

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Most of these complexes have come up in places of buildings that belonged to Bengali zamindars of yore. An ISI study on the changing demography of the city said that less than 40% of the people living in the KMC area now are Bengali. So it is natural that the pujas will reflect this change.