Santa Appears With a Gun Before Christmas


Carolina: Amid the World fighting against terrorism, a picture of Santa Claus holding a gun was seen at America’s Carolina state. The Christmas celebrations are near, and the state leaders have kept high vigil to prevent any further attack during Christmas. After Paris terror attack last month, high alert has been raised in every country and the top most leaders of the worlds have united to combat terrorism.

Here comes the big question, why is Santa holding a gun instead of Gifts? A local ‘shooting Gun’ manufacturer has used Santa Clause for their advertisement ahead of the Christmas celebrations. In the pictorial advertisement Santa can be seen focused on a target. And its written “Santa knows what you really want!”

According to local passersby, the use of Santa in Advertisement is quite common but its better not to let Santa hold a gun. Instead of using Santa holding the gun the advertisement could have been made in a different way.

According to the Gun Manufacturers, Santa symbolizes the festival. And to attract buyers during the Christmas festival we have used Santa Claus in our advertisement. We manufacture a type of toy Gun, not lethal weapon.